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[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”28″ color=”#cc0000″ align=”left”]87 Year Old Woman’s Review of Ruby Tuesday Lands Her on the Today Show.[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]

Marilyn Hagerty, an 87-year-old restaurant critic from Grand Forks, North Dakota, whose earnest review of her local Olive Garden went viral two years ago and turned her into a viral food critic celebrity has recently written a review of the Ruby Tuesday in Grand Forks which has gone so viral that she was invited to appear today on the Today Show.

 The Grand Forks Herald columnist a column itled, “It’s easy to go light or full at Ruby Tuesday,” is written in her unassuming style, with lots of detailed observations.

 On the baked ravioli: “It arrived in a hot — very hot — state, and I approached it with caution.”

On the price of drinks: “I found the fountain drinks are $2.49, which seems like a going rate in these times. Still, it keeps me on a water course.”

On the decor: “I was interested in the tables that look square but have leaves on all four sides that can be turned up to create a round table. The restaurant has appealing art and is tastefully decorated.”

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Word of her latest column first spread Wednesday through blog Gawker, which also played a role in her initial viral popularity nearly two years ago.

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