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Everyone loves Ruby Tuesday Coupons because they are a convenient way to save. Ruby Tuesday, which takes its name from the song by the Rolling Stones, operates a leading chain of casual dining restaurants with about 900 locations in the US and more than a dozen other countries. The full-service eateries offer a menu of American and ethnic food items, including burgers, fajitas, pasta, ribs, seafood, and steak.  




The restaurants are also well known for their appetizers. Many people have enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Ruby Tuesdays including its great salad bar. In fact, did you know that Ruby Tuesday specializes in 4 things? They are: good food, good drinks, good times and one of the largest salad bars of any restaurant chain. They offer simple, yet flavorful recipes and  delicious hamburgers. Ruby T Coupons– Sources Here are some sources whereby you can obtain these valuable coupons You can gohere and become “So Connected” at Ruby Tuesday to receive a BOGO entree coupon or other Ruby Tuesday Coupons. On your birthday, you’ll receive a coupon for a FREE handcrafted burger!Local newspaper and color flyers in newspapers which offers cut out coupons(frequently 2-for-1 deals). Sources for Ruby Tuesday Coupons

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Menu  Items

The Ruby Tuesday menu is viewable online at Ruby, and should be the most current according to your state. About Ruby Tuesday Ruby Tuesday, Inc. has company-owned and/or franchise Ruby Tuesday brand restaurants in 46 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and 14 foreign countries. As of March 2, 2010, the Company owned and operated 659 Ruby Tuesday restaurants, while domestic and international franchisees (including Hawaii) operated 168 and 57 restaurants, respectively. For more information on Ruby Tuesday, please visit the company website at Ruby Tuesday, Inc. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (Symbol: RT). For the latest RT coupons click here. For more on the history of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain visit: and Ruby Tuesday Coupons is also on Facebook


10 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Ruby Tuesday. Free ruby tuesday coupons 2017 Ruby Tuesday is one of the most popular casual dining establishments in the world. Most people know that the chain serves American cuisine and it features a terrific atmosphere. However, there are actually some things that many people might not know about the restaurant.

Here are ten examples:

1.       The Company owns a number of other popular restaurants including Ruffles Grill, Wok Hay, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill and Marlin & Ray’s.

2.       Some Ruby Tuesday locations feature outdoor dining options.

3.       The restaurant now has online ordering available. This option is great for customers who want to pick up a delicious meal for the family on their way home from work. Ordering is easy, and customers can select items from virtually the entire Ruby Tuesday menu. For those who prefer to dine in the restaurant, the time-saving option of reserving a table online is also available.

4.       Ruby Tuesday has franchise locations in Niagara Falls, Canada; Cardiff, Wales; Cheltenham, England; Reykjavik, Iceland; Santiago, Chile; South Soura, Kuwait; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Cairo, Egypt; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Giza, Egypt; Tamuning, Guam; Port of Spain, Trinidad; Marousi-Athens, Greece; Tegucigalpa, Honduras; New Town Plaza and five locations in Hong Kong.

5.       Ruby Tuesday owns the real property upon which many of its restaurants are located. This has allowed the restaurant to raise a significant amount of cash recently because the company has been engaging in sale leaseback strategies. To date, this has resulted in the sale of nine locations which has allowed the company to earn approximately $19.8 million. The company continues to be the subject of a high degree of interest from a number of buyers, and it anticipates closing on the remaining approximately $30 million of proceeds from the sale leaseback program by the end of the first quarter of the next fiscal year.

6.       Ruby Tuesday, Inc. has company-owned and/or franchised restaurants in 45 states, the District of Columbia, 14 foreign countries and Guam. As of February 28, 2012, the company owned and operated 740 restaurants, while domestic and international franchisees (including Hawaii and Guam) operated 39 and 46 restaurants respectively. The company is also traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: RT).

7.       According to the well-known weight-loss blog, the top five meals for weight-loss at the restaurant are: Weight-Loss Meal #1: Chicken Bella and diet soda or water – Calories: 360 Weight-Loss Meal #2: New Orleans Seafood meal with water or a diet soda – Calories: 365 Weight-Loss Meal #3: Plain Grilled Chicken and water or a diet soda – Calories: 226 Weight-Loss Meal #4: White Bean and Chicken Chili with a diet soda or glass of water – Calories: 300 Weight-Loss Meal #5: Plain Grilled Sirloin with water or diet soda – Calories: 290 (

8.       The name of the restaurant was taken directly from the title of a popular song by the Rolling Stones. The song happened to be quite popular at the time of the restaurant’s founding, and the name has stuck ever since.

9.       The company’s headquarters are located in Maryville, Tennessee. Also in Maryville is a residential property known as the RT Lodge. The Lodge and many surrounding buildings are used by the company to house staff members during corporate training events. The Lodge is also available for private guests who book in advance.

10.     The company developed a new logo and brand identity beginning in 1997. Prior to this change, the restaurants in the chain were known as bar and grill establishments. While the company retained most of the aspects that customers loved, including many items from the Ruby Tuesday menu, the new branding has transformed the restaurant into a more inclusive casual dining establishment.    

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    Always enjoy the good food and excellent service.

  2. Love the restaurant and their menu, I am on weight watcher’s, and the menu was very easy to follow my program.

  3. I belong to the Ruby Tuesday birthday club with two of my friends. Both of them received their hanmburger coupons, but I did not . I have every other year.

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