9 Genius Ways to Save Money in 2023 (Updated)

While saving money is important to all of us, many people feel that they simply do not have the resources to do so. Yet, saving money does not have to be difficult, and there are a wide variety of creative ways you can save money in your everyday life. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save money in 2023.

1. Save money by cutting spending on entertainment.

The first place I recommend people to cut costs is with their entertainment spending when they need to know how to save money fast. Entertainment costs an average American family $300 a month, so cutting expenses here could save quickly.

2. Plan Meals Around Only What’s on Sale

When building a meal plan I always build it around the sale. You are guaranteed to save a lot of money if you only buy what is on sale. We have really cut our grocery budget down by using this method, We really enjoy the challenge of trying new foods this way too! Sometimes, we will buy something completely new to us because it’s on sale and we end up loving it. It helps ensure a decent variety in your diet if you approach meal planning this way.

When you receive your local circulars, sit down and have a look at what’s on sale for the upcoming week. Build your meal plans around what you can get at a discount and you’ll be able to reduce your grocery shopping budget drastically.

3.   Satellite or cable can be cut.

If you’re serious about saving money and have an immediate financial need, look into cutting your cable bill. You should be able to give up cable or satellite in a painless way, because there are so many cheaper and even free options that you can use.

There are many great and inexpensive alternatives such as Pluto, FreeVee, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, HBO Now, and YouTube TV. Many channels have online versions of many of their programs; some even have complete online archives. There are many channels that offer free content online. Most of the time, they charge a reasonable price, and almost certainly cheaper than cable or satellite. Is there another free and easy option? It is the library.

4. Stop Buying Bottled Water

You shouldn’t buy bottle water if you live in an area with safe drinking water. It’s great for your wallet, because it is better for the environment.

You can purchase a water filter if you’re worried about drinking the water from the tap.

The Brita is something we’ve used and liked.

Bottled water is more expensive than tap water not just because it is more convenient, but also because it is worse for the environment. Additionally, it takes three times as much water to manufacture a bottle as it does to contain it, and less than 30% of plastic bottles are recycled every year.


 5.   Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast By Selling Back Your Used Stuff!

As a trade-in program, Amazon replaces a garage sale with a virtual one, however without the hassle of setting up a garage sale.  Old tablets, cell phones, video games, etc. can be sold.

Every time I do this, a free Amazon credit is added to my account!

It does not cost you anything to sell your used items and the process is very efficient.  You can send your stuff for free to Amazon through the Amazon Trade In Program.  You can send them your items for free with a prepaid label.

Using items you no longer want or need can be a great way to generate revenue.

6.  Link your accounts and you will be able to cash out your HHonors points.

No matter how much Hilton Honors Points I save, it never seems to be enough to earn me a free hotel night.

By using Hilton Honors points on Amazon to purchase stuff for FREE, you don’t have to let those points sit there doing nothing.  Amazon will just need to be linked to Hilton Honors.

The Hilton points I earned have been converted into an Amazon Gift Card worth $50.65, excellent!

 7. Save $100 a week by using a payday ritual.

Before paying bills or spending your paycheck, immediately take out $100 from each check and put it in savings.  You will start savings in no time at all.

8Drink alcohol at home instead of going out.

With the prices of drinks you can save by having some drinks at home instead of going to a bar.

9.  Set aside two “no spend” days each week

There is nothing better than a no-spend day. You’ll feel accomplished and save money at the same time!

You will be able to easily continue the routine in the future if you start this habit now.